Bottom Heater

Product Description

The stable backrest of the Bottom Heater allows for almost unlimited applications.

The backrest is connected by means of two adjustable straps, thereby providing a stable chair and back-friendly comfort. Two infrared heating pads incorporated within the chair’s padding allow for a warm bacOutchair - 012_1000x1000k and posterior.

These heated pads also provide a therapeutic effect. Heat has a direct link to better health and well-being. Nobody likes to freeze, so if it’s cold, the body automatically searches for a heat source. It can alleviate various ailments by improving blood flow, relaxing muscles and tissue, thus relieving pain in the process.

Being lightweight, the Bottom Heater can either be carried like a traditional shoulder bag, or stowed on a bike or backpack.

A powerful rechargeable lithium polymer battery provides 4-6 hours of heat. In addition, a USB port is available to charge a mobile phone or to connect an MP3 player.


  • Campers and garden lovers can sit outdoors on cool evenings.
  • Traders at outdoor exhibitions can feel warm & cosy.
  • Anglers and hunters can be comfortable during cold and inclement weather.
  • Spectators at football stadiums, open-air theatres, equestrian events, etc. don’t have to freeze any more.
  • Mums taking the kids to the park or playground can sit and chat in comfort.
  • Nature lovers no longer have to suffer the cold  i.e. photographers, twitchers (bird-watchers), etc. … even a simple family picnic can be transformed!




Technical details 
Duration of power:4-6 hours
Duration of charging:4 hours
Measures when folded:40cm x 40cm
Weight:1,6 kg

£ 109.90