G-Stove camping stove – The full depth of the firebox can be filled with wood, resulting in a long burn time and more heat on cold nights. Temperature can be controlled via the air vent, details of which follow.

£ 280.00

The BASIC PACKAGE includes …


The foldable legs on G-Stove Heat are secured first time with screws and rapid clips that is supplied in the package, this allows the legs to easily be folded under the stove and takes up less space during transport and stands steady since the legs creates a squared surface when folded under the stove.

The legs are in two parts, one part on each side that allows the oven to be stable even on snow and is easy to place in uneven terrain.

The door with the window is optional.

The foldable legs on the G-Stove are secured with supplied screws/rapid clips, thus allowing the legs to be easily folded under the stove. This not only takes up less space during transport, it also gives stability to the stove as the legs create a squared surface when folded underneath  e.g. snow or marsh.

Top Hat

Along with aiding the exit of fumes, when used in conjunction with the Tent Protector, the Top Hat also helps prevent water ingress. It can however be used with just the standard interlocking Chimney Flues.


87250_Gstove_AS_G-Stove_Ovn_1Door Air vent

Whether your G-Stove has a standard door or the optional window version (called the View Door), both doors feature an air vent. By simply rotating the Door Air Vent, the resulting airflow regulates the temperature of the G-Stove.

4-Way Sidebars

The sidebars have four main functions.

  1. Folded inwards – when folded on top of the cooking plate, the sidebars take up less space for transportation.
  2. Folded upwards – where the sidebars meet they become a single carrying handle.
  3. Folded outwards – although the G-Stove is lightweight, the sidebars become double carrying handles, enabling two persons to carry the stove, one on each side.
  4. Folded downwards – in this position the sidebars become two level platforms either side of the cooking hotplate. These can utilised for either pots/pans/saucepans/kettle (great for keeping food/liquids ‘off the boil’), or as a plate warmer for mess tins, mugs or any flat-bottomed items.

Cooking utensils such as ladles, tongs, etc. can also be hung from the platforms.

NOTE: As the 4-way sidebars have been designed to never get hot, just warm, when you de-camp this means you can carry the G-Stove outside before it even starts cooling, meaning you can immediately pack away your tent, tepee or yurt.


Inside the stove’s firebox are two grates. During transportation these grates are placed atop the stove to make room for chimney flue sections, which are stored inside the firebox.

87250_Gstove_AS_G-Stove_Ovn_3When burning wood the grates help create airflow, hence achieving a more efficient burn. The result of this process is a porous ash, waste that can be easily scraped out under the grates with the accompanying ash scraper while the stove still is in use. This allows you to empty the G-Stove without having to wait until it cools down, thus maintaining a constant temperature.

The grates can however be easily removed should you wish to burn larger logs.

Ash scraper

All G-Stoves include an ash scraper that fits under the grates and goes all the way to the rear. As mentioned, this allows you to easily scrape out all the redundant ash under use, resulting in full power since there will always be more oxygen under the wood  to maintain the burn effect.

Stove door

The door of the G-Stove is removable, so that you can take it off and simply grab the carrying handles and shake out any ash residues when packing down the stove without the risk of damaging door the air vent.

The door of the G-Stove is removable, therefore when you de-camp … take off the door, grab the carrying handles and shake out any ash residues. This prevents possible damage to the air vent.

 Chimney flues

The BASIC PACKAGE includes five standard interlocking Chimney Flues with a height of 36.5cm. These are suitable for most needs, but if your set-up requires a change of direction, 90° bands are available as an optional extra. If you have a large tent, tepee or yurt, simply purchase additional flues.


Total Weight: 10 kg
Length: 39 cm
Height with chimney flue: 240 cm
Height to start of chimney: 37,5 cm
Height to cooking plate: 29 cm
Width: 22 cm
Sidebar length: 29 cm
Sidebar width: 13.5 cm
Stove door height: 16.5 cm
Stove door width: 13.5 cm
Material: Stainless steel
Heat effect: 8,5 kw