Stadium Seat

Originally designed for sporting venues with hard uncomfortable seating, the Stadium Seat not only provides some welcome padding for the posterior, it has also proved especially useful in the treatment of back pain! Heat has a direct link to better health and well-being. Nobody likes to freeze, so if it’s cold, the body automatically searches for a heat source. It can alleviate various ailments by improving blood flow, relaxing muscles and tissue, thus relieving pain in the process.

Utilising low temperature infrared technology, it can therefore constitute a valuable component in the health care of many diseases.


  • Campers and garden lovers can sit outdoors on cool evenings.
  • Traders at outdoor exhibitions can feel warm & cosy.
  • Anglers and hunters can be comfortable during cold and inclement weather.
  • Spectators at football stadiums, open-air theatres, equestrian events, etc. don’t have to freeze any more.
  • Mums taking the kids to the park or playground can sit and chat in comfort.
  • Nature lovers no longer have to suffer the cold  i.e. photographers, twitchers (bird-watchers), etc. … even a simple family picnic can be transformed!

£ 109.90

Technical Details 
Power Duration:4-6 hours
Charging time:4 hours
measures folded:40cm x 40cm
Weight:700 g